Cassandra Lohr

Cassandra Lohr is an interior designer who has been honored with the Cover and Feature Article in Architectural Digest, and then again included in their special edition, “Twentieth Century Architectural Digest: 100 Years of Design”. Magazine publications also featuring her work are Trump Style, Luxe Magazine, and Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine.

Michael Wollaeger, former Executive Editor of Architectural Digest, wrote on April 30, 2014

“Selecting a cover for Architectural Digest was always an interesting challenge. With projects from all over the world in each issue, we had numerous striking images to choose from. In 1994, we had accepted a wonderful story by designer Cassandra Lohr: a fully furnished tepee in the mountains near Aspen. While we were sifting through images for the cover of that issue, one image kept drawing our attention: a twilight shot of the opening of a glowing tepee, the interior warm and inviting against the darkening mountain sky. Taken by David Marlow with Cassandra’s direction, the image stood out in a unique way. A tepee on the cover of Architectural Digest? We thought, Why not try it? When we saw the newsstand reports afterward, we were pleasantly surprised. That issue was one of the best-selling issues of Architectural Digest ever. Perhaps it was the primal sense of shelter and warmth and the romance of the West that connected with readers. Perhaps it was the sheer beauty of the photograph and Cassandra’s design. Most likely it was a combination of all of these factors. In any event, it represented the kind of “lightning in a bottle” that we always sought in our covers, and it remains memorable to this day.”

-Michael Wollaeger,
Editorial Director at Interiors Magazine,
former Executive Editor of Architectural Digest,
quote from April 30, 2014

Her work can be found in numerous coffee table books, including “Spectacular Homes of Colorado”.

Lohr’s design was showcased on the National Television “CBS Morning Show” with Harry Smith and Paula Zahn, and as well on HGTV. Cassandra’s own eight part television series was aired on “Tribune Broadcasting Morning News” in Denver.

“From the traditional to contemporary, rustic to elegant, whether million dollar mansions or mountain cabins, Ms. Lohr has a gift for creating an
inviting and impressive informality within an elegant setting.”

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