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Architecture Digest, August 1994

Cover Story: Taming a Teepee


Michael Wollaeger, former Executive Editor of Architectural Digest, wrote on April 30, 2014

“Selecting a cover for Architectural Digest was always an interesting challenge. With projects from all over the world in each issue, we had numerous striking images to choose from. In 1994, we had accepted a wonderful story by designer Cassandra Lohr: a fully furnished tepee in the mountains near Aspen. While we were sifting through images for the cover of that issue, one image kept drawing our attention: a twilight shot of the opening of a glowing tepee, the interior warm and inviting against the darkening mountain sky. Taken by David Marlow with Cassandra’s direction, the image stood out in a unique way. A tepee on the cover of Architectural Digest? We thought, Why not try it? When we saw the newsstand reports afterward, we were pleasantly surprised. That issue was one of the best-selling issues of Architectural Digest ever. Perhaps it was the primal sense of shelter and warmth and the romance of the West that connected with readers. Perhaps it was the sheer beauty of the photograph and Cassandra’s design. Most likely it was a combination of all of these factors. In any event, it represented the kind of “lightning in a bottle” that we always sought in our covers, and it remains memorable to this day.”

-Michael Wollaeger,
Editorial Director at Interiors Magazine,
former Executive Editor of Architectural Digest,
quote from April 30, 2014

Spectacular Homes of Colorado
4 page spread

“Well known for injecting elegance into every setting, from western to contemporary, Cassandra is also highly respected for her research and work on historically correct design themes. Her projects have ranged from an 18th century Venetian ballroom, to an elegant 19th century Colorado Victorian, a Central City saloon-themed room, a teepee, a chic, contemporary Cherry Creek townhouse.”


 Colorado Expression

“The eclectic mix of contemporary, traditional and even ethnic pieces reflects the couple’s love of travel, collecting, and the wider human experience.”

June/July 2011

Colorado Homes & Lifestyles

March 2006


Colorado Homes & Lifestyles

Perfect Union, pages 88 to 94

Two homes become one to create a secluded retreat in the heart of Denver.


LUXE Magazine

Winter 06/07

“So far, though, her greatest adventure in searching has been on an epic trip she took through China to assemble a collection of Chinese antiquities, now preserved in a Denver warehouse.”


Architectural Digest: The Twentieth Century – 100 Years of Design

Teepee, page 216

Living Spaces That Defy Convention:
“They wanted a whole house in there… in a twenty-eight foot-diameter space,” explained Cassandra Lohr.


Architectural Digest, June 1994

AD-At-Large: New Old West page 212

“Aspen designer Cassandra Lohr has been scouring the area for artisans making unique hand-worked furnishings for mountain homes. Lohr discovered Shenandoah, an American Indian who walks the forest for fallen wood for each piece of furniture he makes…”


Trump Style
Spring 1998

Prince of the Hill
page 58

“The estate on which [the] home sits also holds numerous dwellings for guests and family members. Cassandra Lohr, a Denver-based interior designer known for her ability to make western-style homes look elegant, decorated one of his guest lodges and helped out on the main house as well.”


Luxe Magazine

Last Look, pages 248-9

One of Colorado’s special sites.


Mountain Living, August 2004

Rustic Chic
page 58

A retrospective look at Cassandra’s teepee project in Starwood, which was featured on the cover of Architectural Digest in August 1994.


Portable Houses, Irene Rawlings & Mary Abel

Rustic Chic, pages 52 to 55

“This authentic reproduction of a Plains Indians teepee is luxuriously decorated with Western- and Adirondack-inspired furniture, Navajo rugs, and Indian artifacts. The cozy reading area includes fringed horn-and-steer-hide chaise and an iron floor lamp with painted rawhide shade.”

Rio Grande Style

Rustic Luxury – Furniture and bedding for top ranch and western themed homes

Native American Design

Furniture craftsman that preserve the Native American history through design